Born from a love of Tasmania’s pristine waterways, the fishing and boating industries and the desire to provide authentic and unique seafood experiences, Tasmanian Wild Seafood Adventures is Tasmania’s premier seafood and fishing charter company headed by experienced skippers and divers Shane Wilson and Nick Daft.

All about experience

The company was formed in 2016 by two good friends, experienced skippers and divers, who were both running their own successful marine businesses. Nick and Shane’s focus and vision is to provide exposure for the Tasmanian seafood sector and provide locals and tourists alike with an opportunity to experience all that Tasmania and its waterways has to offer.

Shane Wilson

Shane began his career in the Tasmanian ocean when he was a child, obtaining his diving licence at the age of 16 (the youngest person in Australia at the time).

He has a close connection with the ocean and knows the waterways down the D’Entrecastaeux Channel and Bruny Island (both under water and on it) in detail. He has been running a highly successful abalone diving business and mooring business for many years and is passionate about sharing his love of boats, our waterways and our seafood with those around him.

Nick Daft

Nick started his career in the seafood industry at an early age, working with local processors of lobster and salmon. From there he went on to become an active abalone diver and a keen member of the fishing community.

Nick is well known throughout the Tasmanian fishing industry and is always in the know about the freshest seafood.