Born from a love of Tasmania’s pristine waterways, the fishing and boating industries and the desire to provide an authentic sea food experience, Tasmanian Wild Seafood Adventures is Tasmania’s premier seafood, charter and tour company headed by experienced skippers and divers Shane Wilson and Nick Daft. The idea to establish a culinary seafood offering that provided others with the opportunity to sample some of Tasmania’s freshest seafood in a pristine setting came from the very heart of TWSA – a conversation amongst friends on a commercial diving trip south of Fluted Cape on Bruny Island. With many memories made upon the sea, Shane and Nick, colleagues and mates, felt compelled to create an experience that allowed them to share their love of the ocean and seafood with others. With a deep connection to the ocean and the industry, TWSA is more than just a culinary seafood experience. In addition, we offer unique fishing charters around the island of Tasmania that allow you to experience some of the most fertile fishing grounds in the world and be guided by our expert local skippers who know these waters intimately. Whether ine aboard our luxury catamaran feasting on the freshest world-class seafood (including famous Tasmanian abalone and urchins) straight from the ocean or you set out on our Sunset River Cruise you will be in the best hands and are sure to be left with a memorable experience.


We live and breathe the ‘deep-to-dish’ ethos – the freshest wild seafood caught and cooked before your eyes. We are passionate about offering unique experiences that are delivered with outstanding knowledge and expertise of Australia’s southernmost state. Tasmanian Wild Seafood Adventures is grounded in prioritising the Tasmanian way - friendly knowledgeable service, exceptional produce and idyllic scenery whilst committing to working with the fishing and tourism industries on sustainable initiatives.


We are extremely proud of our local team and crew here at Tasmanian Wild Seafood Adventures.

Tasmanian Wild Seafood Adventures Co-Founder - Shane Wilson

Shane Wilson

Co-Founder & Director
Shane was born with salt water running through his veins. He was introduced to diving at age of 8 by his father, a commercial abalone diver in Tasmania and has been hooked ever since. In 1998 Shane was the youngest person in Australia to gain their Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Certification. At 18 years old Shane started commercially diving and at 25 running his first commercial mothership ‘Tarcoma’ - the youngest skipper of the oldest boat in the fleet. Shane is passionate about helping create a new sector in seafood tourism. He wants to help propel Tasmanian onto the world stage where tourists are able to sample seafood at the source whilst championing an environmentally responsible eco food tourism. Shane hopes to give back to the industry that gave him so much.
Tasmanian Wild Seafood Adventures Co-Founder - Nick Daft

Nick Daft

Co-Founder & Director
Nick has had a passion for the fishing industry since he can remember. He was introduced to crayfish diving in high school and from there he was able to secure a position commercially diving at 18 years old and has been working tirelessly on and in the water since. Nick has worked tirelessly as a commercial diver A proud Tasmanian, Nick is passionate about protecting the fishing industry for future generations and works closely with industry representatives and the fishing community to ensure that the seafood industry and tourism are sustainable. With the majority of Tasmanian seafood exported, Nick is excited to be able to offer guests the ‘deep-to-dish’ experience - a uniquely Tasmanian offering where they are able to savour the freshest seafood straight from the ocean.
TWSA Crew Member - Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson

Chef & Operations Manager
Ryan has grown up in Tasmania with his dad an abalone diver & uncle a cray fisherman so he knows his way around a boat! Ryan has been cooking and experimenting in the kitchen since he was 14 and since then he's completed his Cert III in Commercial Cookery. Over the past 8 years Ryan has combined his love of cooking with his seafood knowledge which has seen him working in renowned restaurants including The Fishhouse, Nineteen at The Star and Sails in Noosa.
TWSA Crew Member - Daniel Pearsall

Dan Pearsall

Cook & Deckhand
Dan is a second generation fisherman and has spent the majority of his life in or on the ocean. He’s been an abalone deckhand for over 20 years, has been diving for urchin and periwinkle for 12 years, worked commercially in both flathead and calamari fishing and also for Tassal on Stock Protection. He holds his Coxwain Certificate and Open Water Diving Certificate. What Dan loves most about Tasmania is its pristine water, great fishing and the endless possibilities to explore in solitude.
Lady eating Tasmanian Rock lobster with fork

Amy Di Venuto

Office Manager
Amy is a Chartered Accountant who has been working locally in Tasmania for the last 10 years. Amy is passionate about working with a local Tasmanian business and is inspired each day by TWSA’s passion for local, fresh seafood and their desire to share it. What Amy loves most about her island state is its abundance of natural beauty and scenery, amazing produce and fact that you can see Mount Wellington and the Derwent River from nearly anywhere in Hobart.